Climate Controllers

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Dial-A-Temp Speed Control
The Dial-a-Temp is a plug-In style speed control specifically designed for controlling fans or bl..
EL 500 Fan Control
Easy to use - plug fan into control receptacle, then plug control into 120 volt power supply. Set..
Green Air CDDS-2 & CDM-6000 Sensor
These Green Air Products systems are a breakthrough in CO2 detection and control. The CDM-6000 mo..
Green Air CT-DH-1 Intergrated Cooling Thermostat & Dehumidstat
This CT-DH-1 is designed to turn “On” and “Off” exhaust fans and/or intake fans to remove unwante..
Green Air CT-DH-3 Synchronized Cooling Thermostat/Dehumidstat
While the CT-DH-3 has many applications, it was primarily developed to be used with CO2 equipment..
Green Air CT-DH-3P Synchronized Cooling Thermostat/Dehumidstat w/ Photosensor
While the CT-DH-3 has many applications, it was primarily developed to be used with CO2 equipment..
Green Air CT-HT-2 Independent Cooling & Heating Thermostat
This controller features fully independent sensors for cooling and heating equipment. The cooling..
Green Air Cyclestat-4P Repeat Cycle Timer
The Cyclestat 4P is perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats or any other applicatio..
Green Air THC-1 Total Humidity Controller
Control humidity automatically and accurately with Green Air Products Total Humidity Controller. ..
Hydro Innovations HydroGen CO2 Monitor
Calibrated and maintenance free, the HydroGen CO2 Monitor utilizes top quality SenseAir® brand CO..
HydroGen IceBox Thermostat
This high quality fan speed controller was custom made for Hydro Innovations by Grow Zone. Design..
Plug N Grow iGS-061 CO2 Control w/ High Temp Shut Off
The iGS-061 will perform CO2 enrichment during the day only (when light is sensed by the photocel..
Plug N Grow iGS-220 Day & Night CO2, RH & Temperature Smart Control
The iGS-220 CO2 relative humidity and temperature controller is the simplest and most complete so..
Powerbox LSM-8 Flipbox
The FLIPBOX® LSM-8 is 4 ballast, 8 light FLIPBOX® that allows you to run 8 lights from 4 ballasts..
Sentinel CPPM-4 CO2 Controller w/ Remote Probe
The CPPM-4 controls your carbon dioxide levels with part-per-million accuracy. It uses a CO2 sens..
Sentinel THERM-1 Heating & Cooling Thermostat
The Sentinel THERM-1 allows you to affordably control the temperature within your growing environ..
Sentinel UTC-1 Universal Temperature Controller
Simple to use, 100% digital temperature controller. Photocell allows separate day and night tempe..
Sero ExpansionPak
The ExpansionPak allows you to quickly and easily increase the amount of sensors on your GrowPak ..
Solatel Plant Pro Controller (System 2) w/ CO2 Sensors
Precision electronic control for all environmental variables. Outlets for lighting, irrigation, v..
Solatel THP-100 Atmospheric Controller
The Solatel THP-100 coordinates ventilation and CO2 (carbon dioxide). This is required when tempe..
Speed Control WC-15
Rotary type variable speed controller with on/off switch. Brushed aluminum switch plate and screw..
Speed Controller Variable Voltage
This Can-Fan variable voltage speed controller is for all 120 volt, 60 Hz. fans with less than 7...
Speedster - Variable Fan Speed Control
The Speedster™ is great multi purpose speed control. Three settings include off, on (full) and va..
Titan Controlls Apollo 15 - Day/Night Digital Cycle Timer
  5 seconds to 60 minutes ‘ON TIME’ – Both day & night schedule. 1 minute ..
Titan Controls Apollo 1 - Recycle Timer w/ Photocell
  Digital control board allows for precise timer settings. 3 seconds to 30 min..
Titan Controls Eos 1 - Humidify/Dehumidify Controller
  Allows precise humidity control with a 20%-90% range. Change from ‘humidific..
Titan Controls Kronus 1 - Temperature & Humidity Controller
This product controls temperature and humidity in your grow area at your preferred settings. The ..
Titan Controls Kronus 2 - Temperature & Humidity Controller
The Kronus 2® controls temperature, humidity and CO2 in your grow area at your preferred set..
Titan Controls Kronus 3 - Day/Night Temperature Controller
The Kronus 3® controls temperature (day & night) and CO2 in your grow area at your prefe..
Titan Controls Kronus 4 - Temperature & Humidity Controller w/ Night Outlet
The Kronus 4® controls temperature, humidity and CO2 in your grow area at your preferred set..
Titan Controls Mercury 3
  Automatically increases or decreases fan speed based on controller set points. ..
Titan Controls Mercury 4
  Allows user to select minimum fan idle speed between 25% & 60% of fan rating. ..
Titan Controls Zephyr 1
  Temperature control range is 55° F to 95° F. Controls cooling or heating equ..
Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temp Shut Off
  Controller turns off your lights if high temperature exceeds set point. Buil..
Titans Control Mercury 2 - Fan Speed Controller
  Adjusts fan speed from 10% - 100%. “Fire-up” feature provides full power upo..