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Aero Bucket Lid w/ Mesh Bottom 10in
Fits on the top of a standard 5 gallon bucket. ..
Black Plastic Buckets
These premium quality, black plastic buckets can be used for a variety of gardening applications...
Black Plastic Pots
These pots are durable and versatile. They are injection molded containers manufactured with high..
Black Square Plastic Pots
Square plastic pots for hydroponic or soil use. ..
Bond Clear Plastic Saucers
Protection for your carpets and floors. Place under pots to catch leaking water. Use with plants ..
Botanicare 30 Gallon Camo Grow Bag
  Sturdy 6 mil plastic Digital camo print Pre-punched drainage holes ..
Botanicare Hercules Pots
Botanicare's new Hercules Pots are formed with a unique shape to help give your plants the guidan..
Bucket Lid
Bucket Lid for use with 3 and 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets ..
Camopots Aeration Containers
Camo Pots breathable triple layer construction. Provides superior aeration, increasing breathabli..
Clear Premium Saucers
Clear Premium Saucers come in sizes of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches ..
CocoTek Basket Liners
CocoTek products have become an instant hit! They are 100% organic and environmentally friendly (..
EcoPot 3-Pack
Tired of the dirty mess filling pots? General Hydroponics is now offering their most popular 8” C..
Flo-n-Gro Black Mesh Insert
This black mesh insert fits snugly in the Flo-n-Gro™ bucket to create an easy to use grow contain..
Flo-n-Gro Blue Bucket - 4 Gallon
The Flo-n-Gro™ bucket features food grade plastic, safe for you and your plants. At 4 gallons, it..
Flo-n-Gro Clear Vented Lid
The innovative Flo-n-Gro™ clear vented cover allows you to maintain the perfect humidity level fo..
Giant Pot Black 12in x 8.5in x 12in
  This large, durable Dutch pot can be used for a variety of gardening applications. 16 ..
Gro Pro Black Saucers
  Durable, hard plastic. Washable and reusable. Many sizes to fit your n..
Gro Pro Net Pot Lids
These durable white lids are designed specifically to fit net pots. ..
Gro Pro Net Pots
Excellent quality net pots are thicker and more heavy-duty than most on the market.   T..
Gro Pro Square Mesh Pot 9in x 9in x 5-1/4in
This large mesh pot is perfect to hold plants in ebb and flow tables. The large base keeps the pl..
Gro Pro Thin Skins
Gro Pro™ Thin Skins are a low cost alternative to high dollar nursery pots. Made from high qualit..
Grotek Flying Saucer Clear Plastic
Grotek Flying Saucers are a complete line of durable, high volume vinyl polymer saucers. Each are..
Grow Bags
Durable & excellent quality bags. Holes in the bottom allow proper drainage. ..
Heavy Duty Net Pots
  Super heavy duty, designed to be re-used Wider hole spacing for better root ..
Maxipot Black 9.6 in x 9.6 in x 11.5 in
This excellent quality Dutch container hold two Hugo’s or can be used for any loose media. Four b..
Mesh Pots/Bucket Lids
Mondi Super Saucers
  Ergonomic easy-grip edges allow you to grab and carry the saucer with pot from any..
Mondi Super Softy Nursery Pots
  High quality UV protected plastic. Construction that is recyclable. Ul..
Net Cups
Slightly thinner than Net Pots, Net Cups also feature large mesh - ideal for use with Hydroton.&n..
Nursery Pots - Blow Molded
These traditional blow molded nursery pots offer quality at an economical price. They are enginee..
Perfect Pot
The Perfect Pot is durable and flexible, designed for use with large plants, for soil and hydro g..
Plant Warrior Pots
Plant Warrior growing containers provide added oxygen to the soil environment.  Patent pendi..
Premium Nursery Pots
The premium quality, injection molded, nursery pots are much thicker and durable than traditional..
Premium Plastic Saucers
  Durable, hard plastic. Washable and reusable. Sizes to accommodate mos..
Premium Round Mesh Bottom Pots
  Durable, thick black plastic. Heavy duty design. Hole pattern offers e..
Premium Square Black Plastic Pots
  Durable, thick black plastic. Injection molded. Heavy duty design. ..
Premium White Pots
These high quality pots can be used for a variety of indoor or outdoor gardening applications. In..
Pro Cal Thermoformed Pots
Pro Cal’s Thermoforming process creates thinwall nursery containers of exceptional quality, which..
RediRoot Aeration Frames
Proper oxygen levels in the root system, helps in facilitating nutrient uptake. The RediRoots Aer..
RediRoot Aeration Liners
RediRoot Aeration Liners are constructed of high quality non woven fabric. This fabric provides g..
Root Guard Lids
Protect plant roots from debris, heat & light and reduce algae growth on media. Fit on top of..
Root Pots
  Root Pots last for multiple seasons of gardening and will generally begin to break dow..
RootBuilder II
The Root Builder¨ II container system has many holes with downward facing protrusions all around ..
RootTrapper II
Root wrapping in containers is a serious problem. In some cases, wrapped roots can actually kill ..
Rose Bucket Black 7.6in x 7.6in x 9.7in
Rose bucket is another quality Dutch container that works great with one Hugo block, Growcubes, G..
Round Plastic Mesh Bottom Pots
  Excellent multipurpose pots. Hard black plastic. Works well for all in..
Smart Pot Tan
We have color!  The Tan Smart Pot provides a decorative aspect to the Smart Pot.  The q..
Smart Pots
These soft growing containers allow more air to reach the growing medium and roots, improving dra..
Square Plastic Pot 5.5in x 5.5in x 6in
Nice quality pots made from a slightly thinner material than our other pots. Great for a variety ..
Square Root Aeration Containers
  Breathable fabric provides adequate drainage and aeration. Eliminates circli..