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Plug N Grow iGS-011Cycle Timer w/ Photocell
The iGS-011 cycle controller represents an easy solution to periodic control day and night or jus..
Plug N Grow iGS-012 High Temperature Watchdog
Plug iGS-012 in the 110-120 volt wall socket chosen to supply your lighting equipment. Plug light..
Plug N Grow iGS-021Day & Night Temperature Control
The iGS-021 temperature controller will operate your heating or cooling equipment in accordance t..
Plug N Grow iGS-061 CO2 Control w/ High Temp Shut Off
The iGS-061 will perform CO2 enrichment during the day only (when light is sensed by the photocel..
Plug N Grow iGS-220 Day & Night CO2, RH & Temperature Smart Control
The iGS-220 CO2 relative humidity and temperature controller is the simplest and most complete so..