Titan Controls

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Titan Controls NYX 1 - Day/Night Photocontroller
  Activate your lamp cooling fan, light mover or night exhaust fan with this straigh..
Titan Controls Orion 1 - 220 Volt Power Supply
  Provides a remote 220 volt power circuit anywhere you need it! Patented safe..
Titan Controls Selene 1 - CO2 Generator LP 4 Burner
The Selene 1™ is for use in small to medium sized (under 300 sq ft) grow spaces. The unit comes w..
Titan Controls Selene 2 - CO2 Generator LP 8 Burner
The Selene 2™ is for use in larger (over 300 sq. ft.) grow spaces. The unit comes with 8 burners ..
Titan Controls Temperature Sensor w/ Photocell
  Remote sensor is specifically designed for the Kronus 3™ controller. Provide..
Titan Controls Zephyr 1
  Temperature control range is 55° F to 95° F. Controls cooling or heating equ..
Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temp Shut Off
  Controller turns off your lights if high temperature exceeds set point. Buil..
Titans Control Mercury 2 - Fan Speed Controller
  Adjusts fan speed from 10% - 100%. “Fire-up” feature provides full power upo..