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Cutting Edge Solutions Bloom 0-6-5
Bloom is a Phosphorus heavy formula for enhancing flower production, as well as to encourage a pl..
Cutting Edge Solutions G-Rex
G-Rex is formulated to be used throughout the entire growth cycle.  It will continue to work..
Cutting Edge Solutions Grow 2-1-6
Grow is another component of the CES base 3-part. To be used in the vegetative stage, Grow adds m..
Cutting Edge Solutions Mag-Amped
Mag-Amped is a pure Magnesium product, combined with an organic facilitator that helps with uptak..
Cutting Edge Solutions Micro 6-0-0
Micro is to be used in conjunction with the Grow and/or Bloom. Micro is comprised of a high quali..
Cutting Edge Solutions Plant Amp
Plant Amp is a chelated Calcium product that also contains a proprietary organic plant “stimulati..
Cutting Edge Solutions Sugaree
Sugaree provides an organic carbohydrate and electrolyte source to stimulate amino acid productio..
Cutting Edge Solutions T-Rex
T-Rex is to be used in the first 1-3 weeks of the vegetative cycle.  It is recommended to fo..
Cutting Edge Solutions Uncle John's Blend 0-0-2
Uncle John's Blend (UJB), is a complexed Potassium mixture that is used primarily to enhance a pl..
Sonoma Gold Bloom
For use during your plant's flowering cycle. ..
Sonoma Gold Grow
For use during your plant's growth cycle. ..