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55 Gallon Barrel w / Lid - Food Grade
This is the original reservoir barrel used in our Flo-n-Gro™ gardens. It is also a great multi-pu..
Flo-n-Gro Black Mesh Insert
This black mesh insert fits snugly in the Flo-n-Gro™ bucket to create an easy to use grow contain..
Flo-n-Gro Blue Bucket - 4 Gallon
The Flo-n-Gro™ bucket features food grade plastic, safe for you and your plants. At 4 gallons, it..
Flo-n-Gro Clear Vented Lid
The innovative Flo-n-Gro™ clear vented cover allows you to maintain the perfect humidity level fo..
Flo-n-Gro RediRoot Square Fabric Liner 3 Gallon
  Fits snugly into Flo-n-Gro™ Black Mesh Insert. Breathable fabric provides ad..
Flo-N-Gro System w/ Oceanus 1
The Flo-n-Gro™ complete system comes with a 55 gallon food grade reservoir, twelve (12) 4 gallon ..
Flo-n-Grow 6 Cell Expansion Kit
Fully compatible with the Flo-n-Gro™ system, the Flo-n-Gro™ 6 cell expansion kit allows you to in..
Oceanus 1 Flo-n-Gro Controller
The Oceanus 1 - Flo-n-Gro™ Controller features fully digital technology. The 24 hour timer allows..