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HM Digital 1000 PPM Calibration Solution
  For optimal performance, re-calibrate your meters periodically or if testing TDS or co..
HM Digital Aquapro TDS Water Tester Model AP-1
  Measures total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature. Automatic Temperature..
HM Digital COM-100 Waterproof EC/TDS/Temp Combo Meter
  Measures electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperatur..
HM Digital Hanheld TDS-3 Tester
  Ideal for commercial use. Includes a carrying case with belt clip. Highly ef..
HM Digital In-Line Dual TDS Monitor Model DM-1
  Displays TDS levels of the feed water and product water with in & out electrod..
HM Digital pH Meter Model PH-80
  Resolution: pH 0.1 pH, 0.00 - 14.0 pH. Accurate to ±0.1 pH. Hold butto..
HM Digital Waterproof pH Meter Model PH-200
  Measures pH and Temperature. Auto-ranging three point calibration with digit..