Heavy Harvest Spring

Heavy Harvest Spring
Heavy Harvest Spring
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Heavy Harvest Spring Blend is specifically designed for outdoor gardens. With its special formulations of highest quality ingredients, Heavy Harvest Spring Blend will amaze you with its results. This product contains advanced, seasonally corresponding nutrients and provides pH buffering. This allows plants to take full advantage of the outdoor environment, including sunshine and warm temperatures. With all the necessary macro and micronutrients, Heavy Harvest Spring Blend provides the quality, comprehensive nutrition required for vigorous, abundant growth and high yields.


•              Promotes healthy outdoor plants

•              PH buffered

•              Pharmaceutical-grade precursors and reagents

•              Ensures optimal nutrient uptake

•              Relatively inexpensive

•              Provides substantial yield increases


When using Heavy Harvest Spring Blend, we recommend applications at a rate of 454-908 grams per 3m x 3m garden area. However, these are only basic guidelines, as larger or smaller amounts may be necessary depending upon plant size and soil type. The original application can be mixed in with the soil, with further applications as top dressings. Heavy Harvest Spring Blend should be applied every three or four weeks throughout the growing season.

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