Wet Betty

Wet Betty
Wet Betty
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Wet Betty, from Advanced Nutrients, is a non-ionic surfactant. It delivers nutrients, hormones and catalytic agents directly into roots and leaves. Surfactant studies show that our surfactants improved membrane permeability and nutrient mobility, which resulted in a 3-6% increase in harvest yield even when the surfactants were used by themselves without any other ingredients. Wet Betty combines those powerful surfactants with nutrients, so your harvest increase is even larger. Wet Betty relieves the surface tension in root zone media so that nutrients and water are more easily absorbed by roots and root media. When youre trying to get the most bang for every feeding buck, choose Wet Betty for a slick way to get more into (and out of) your plants. Directions: Hydroponic: Add 5 ml per gallon of Wet Betty to your reservoir every time that you change nutrient solution. Foliar Spray: Add 5 ml per gallon of Wet Betty to your foliar spray solution. Apply to foliage just before the lights are turned off, then allow plants to dry while in darkness.

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