Galaxy Master Blaster 1500 Watt Electronic 240Volt Ballast

Galaxy Master Blaster 1500 Watt Electronic 240Volt Ballast
Brand: Galaxy Electronic Ballasts
Product Code: 902498
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Price: $479.95
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206,000 Appx. Initial Lumens


  • Extruded aluminum housing is engineered to dissipate heat and keep the components cool.
  • Pre-programmed with a digital random start feature.  Ballast will delay 1-3 seconds each time it starts. Reduces in-rush current spikes when starting multiple ballasts at a time.
  • Operates on 240 volt power only. Comes standard with 6 foot 240 volt cord.
  • Resettable circuit breaker for short circuit protection.
  • Lamp cord receptacle compatible with all Sun System® reflectors and sockets.
  • Operates both HPS & MH lamps.
  • Completely silent and lightweight.
  • Extremely efficient – 99% power factor.
  • Generator ready.
  • We recommend using a large air-cooled reflector with this ballast & lamp. The Sun System® Magnum XXXL 8” is ideal for this application.
  • 2 year warranty.

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